In our studio, located just behind the gallery, at Canyon Creek Pottery we specialize in crafting high-fired stoneware pottery.  Our focus is on creating durable and functional pieces that are built to last. We take pride in sourcing the finest clay available, which is prepared and processed on-site.

Each piece is individually hand-thrown on a pottery wheel, followed by careful trimming and finishing, proudly marked with our Canyon Creek Pottery stamp. To ensure quality, the pieces are thoroughly dried to remove all moisture before undergoing the bisque firing process at 1860 degrees.

Prior to glazing, the bisque ware is waxed on the bottom, and then we apply various glazes and oxides. Once approximately 300 pieces have been glazed, they are loaded into our 60 ft gas kiln. During a ten-hour firing process, the pottery reaches a temperature of 2400 degrees. This high temperature vitrifies the clay, resulting in a remarkably resilient and long-lasting pottery.

Visit our gallery to explore the stunning collection of our finished pottery, available for sale to art enthusiasts and pottery lovers alike. Experience the craftsmanship and artistry of Canyon Creek Pottery's durable and functional creations.



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