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canyon creek pottery

Oval Platter

Oval Platter

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A stoneware oval platter with an "everything glaze" is a versatile and elegant serving dish. Crafted from durable stoneware clay, this platter features a smooth, oval shape that's perfect for presenting a variety of culinary creations. The "everything glaze" is a unique finish that combines various glaze colors and textures, creating a stunning, one-of-a-kind surface with a blend of earthy tones and glossy accents. This platter not only adds a touch of sophistication to your table but also complements a wide range of table settings and cuisines, making it an ideal choice for serving appetizers, main courses, or even desserts. Its practical yet artistic design makes it a must-have for any dining occasion.




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Microwave dishwasher safe. For baking do not preheat oven.

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