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canyon creek pottery

Pottery Mixing Bowl

Pottery Mixing Bowl

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The large handmade pottery mixing bowl is a stunning piece of functional art, meticulously crafted by a skilled artisan. Its ample size, expansive enough to accommodate substantial batches of ingredients, makes it an ideal companion for culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.

Fashioned with care and precision, the bowl boasts a robust, yet elegant form, with smooth, curved contours that exude a sense of organic grace. The artist's expertise is evident in the subtle imperfections that add character, revealing the human touch behind its creation.

The glaze is a mesmerizing blend of blue and green hues reminiscent of a tranquil, deep ocean or the lush tones of a forest. The ash glaze technique creates a unique, variegated surface, where streaks of color intermingle and shift, producing an alluring visual texture that seems to ripple and flow across the bowl's surface.

Not only is this mixing bowl a functional kitchen essential, but it's also a statement piece that effortlessly transitions from countertop utility to a display of artisanal beauty. Its handmade nature and the mesmerizing glaze ensure that each piece is one-of-a-kind, making it a treasure for those who appreciate the marriage of practicality and artistry in everyday objects.




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Microwave dishwasher safe. For baking do not preheat oven.

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