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canyon creek pottery

Handmade Pottery Platter - Midnight Mountain Glaze - Rectangle

Handmade Pottery Platter - Midnight Mountain Glaze - Rectangle

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Discover artisanal elegance with this rectangular pottery platter featuring a stunning midnight black mountain glaze. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this platter is a captivating blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication.

Perfect for showcasing culinary delights or as a decorative centerpiece, this generously sized platter commands attention with its unique design and mesmerizing glaze patterns. Each piece is handmade, ensuring individuality and character, making it a standout addition to any collection.

Elevate your dining experience or home décor with this handmade pottery platter, a true masterpiece that speaks volumes of craftsmanship and timeless allure. Shop now to add a touch of artisanal flair to your space.

Midnight Mountain Glaze

Rectangle 15 1/2 inches by 8 inches




Care information

Microwave dishwasher safe. For baking do not preheat oven.

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