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canyon creek pottery

Pit-Fired Pottery Vase

Pit-Fired Pottery Vase

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A pit-fired pottery vase is a handcrafted ceramic vessel that is created through a unique and ancient firing technique known as pit firing. The pit-fired vase is surrounded by wood, sawdust and pine needles which serve as both fuel and a source of organic surface patterns then sprinkled with salt and copper. Then the combustible materials are set ablaze, enveloping the pottery in a dance of flames and smoke. This naturalistic and spontaneous firing method results in the vase's surface being transformed by the smoke and flames, which create unpredictable and captivating patterns. The coloration and designs on the pit-fired vase can range from earthy and rustic to vibrant and dramatic, depending on factors like the type of wood, the pottery's placement in the pit, and the duration of the firing.

Pit-fired pottery vases often exhibit a connection to the natural world, with their surfaces resembling landscapes, smoky swirls, and unique markings that make each piece one-of-a-kind. This pottery technique connects the artist to the primal elements of fire and earth, resulting in a vessel that exudes both rustic charm and a deep connection to tradition.

In summary, a pit-fired pottery vase is a ceramic masterpiece created through a distinctive firing method that produces extraordinary and unpredictable surface patterns, making it a sought-after and remarkable art piece for collectors and enthusiasts.




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